Belle Investment Company, Inc. (Belle) is a boutique, real estate investment firm, dedicated to growing, developing and maximizing the value of its property portfolio.  Belle exclusively develops high quality, Class A, multifamily developments in metropolitan, middle markets in the Southeast United States. By leveraging the Company’s unique approach to property development, Belle is consistently able to deliver value through to investor and tenant.

Market Driven. Belle distinguishes itself by identifying and only acquiring properties located in markets with large, projected future job growth.  The Company’s distinctive blue ocean strategy enables Belle to be in front of housing market opportunities, thus enabling the Company to operate within a more favorable competitive landscape; reduce acquisition costs; lower construction premiums; increase operating margins and maximize returns on investment.

Different by Design. Belle develops only high-quality, Class A apartments that command premium pricing. By expertly managing development costs, Belle is able to reinvest savings into its development and deliver a property with luxury materials and amenities, not typically found in Class A apartments. Through expert management and reinvestment of cost-savings, Belle seeks ensure its rates and securing higher future cash flows through premium pricing.

Belle Investment Company specializes in transforming risk into return.  By executing on its primary strategy, Belle is able to leverage and transform development risk into assets that serve to enhance property value, establish premium pricing, reduce time to lease-up, establish cash-flow-positive revenue streams and maximize return on investment.